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Swallow Yana’s shit was very difficult. Two weeks I was on a business trip. Away from home, I missed my Mistresses a lot, and I really wanted to serve them as a toilet. When I returned, I called them and on the appointed day Mrs Christina, Yana and Karina invited me to their place. I was ready to kneel in front of them, listen their orders, receive slaps, swallow their spittles into my mouth, and I was ready to eat the shit of my Mistresses. The girls had not seen me for a long time, and they had well prepared. They gave me three portions of shit that I swallowed. The most difficult for me was crap of Mistress Yana. It was very hard to swallow her semi-fluid and very smelly diarrhea with vaginal discharge on the top. However, I coped with this.

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Prune Juice And Water

I wanted to make a poop video without enema, so I drunk plenty of water Prune Juice and Water instead. Man it almost looked the same?.super wet & messy. I had a hard time holding it while sitting up the webcam and etc. So before I could even turn on the webcam and got into position a little poop slowly escaped my ass and ran down my legs. Did I mention I always pee when I poop…?