Hot Girl Drunk And Piss

Eat My Stiff Poo, Toilet!

You like being my toilet, slave? Excitedly watching as I shit whenever I want, and you get to obsess over each turd and eat it up? Oh, you really love to eat my shit, yeah?. It’s all you’re good for. It’s a great treat! And you get to eat my shit every time. Are you lucky you have a Mistress to clean up her ass hole? You better lick my feet and heels and my pretty ass too, loser. These thick, massive poop and monster turds are all for you. Swallow it faster, toilet! I don’t want to feel this nasty smell

Lady In Red Toilet Training Her Slave! – Full Movie

Ah, the things you do for love! This dude adores his girl so much he’s willing to do anything, ANYTHING, to win her everlasting love. Even if this means puking on him on a regular basis, whenever the mood strikes her, it’s perfectly okay with him. He’ll even tolerate her shitting on him. He loves her THAT much!

Mistress Anna – Diarrhoea

Dual Use SlaveI am dressed in beautiful lingerie. Maybe I am going to see a man after I use you? Of course, I have no sexual attraction for the pig I am using for a toilet but it is still useful to get him sexually excited in order to make him more compliant and entertaining. I order the slave to lick my ass as I remind it that this is its place in life, the fulfillment of its existence. It must not forget to lick my ass even as it jerks in pain from my whipping its balls. Its helpless begging brings a beautiful smile to my face, as does the lovely feeling of its enthusiastic tongue up my asshole. In anticipation of its disobedience I have tied its balls tightly so that, if need be, I can cut its balls off. He lets out the most lovely whimper as I rake the scissor across its completely tied balls. The dick, engorged but not hard, fits so perfectly between my scissors. “I will cut your dick,” I say, as the slave licks with even more enthusiasm. I let the slave lick my pussy as I use my vibrator. “Oh, slave, lick my pussy. Oh, this is your place, inside my ass.” My pussy is pleasured from above and below by my vibrator and my slave. You get to hear the beautiful sound of me, cumming. I am so happy, I slap the slave’s balls again. After I cum it is time for business. The slave’s tongue is directed back to its natural target, my asshole. In a sort of ultimate act of indulgence for me and degradation for the slave, I use the vibrator on my pussy as I shit on my slave. I have another orgasm while the shit plops on the slave’s face. A few drops of white cum land on the slave’s face to symbolize the dual use I have made of it.

Smoking Toilet

Ms. Anna gives you an up close and personal look as what its like to be her pee drinking shit eating toilet. Hows it feel to drink her pee and eat her fat logs?