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The Scat Convent School – Full Movie

Here at the Scat Convent School, no one goes through the first day of class without doing their first public scat! The new girls are welcomed into the school by their seniors, who are tasked to guide them to their scatting education! After the stern lecture, the new girls are made to sit on the floor and spread their legs. They are helpless to do anything to stop their seniors from pulling down their panties and fingering their assholes. After much prepping, enemas are inserted up their asses. An hour later, the girls are producing soft and wet shit, to the delight of their teachers and others.

Peeing On Her Tits

Peeing on her tits (JJ000357)

Toiletslaves Shit Cock Part1

It`s glorious to watch Miss Flowers while she orders someone to eat her crap, which she even brought out of her ass. As a matter of course she spitts afterwards several times into his wide open chops. Totally cool. She doesn`t really know this Human Toilet, rather a few minutes, but she uses him as she is fancy to. She has such a amazing manner using Human Toilets for her pleasure.