Hot Girl Pee In Pants

Scat Casting

A new girl begs to be my slave. I gave her a task to shit and eat her shit. She does it for the first time, she’s disgusted, but she’ll eat for me. To become my slave, she’ll have to do more than that. This is only the beginning!

Drunk Jean & Panty Wetting

I come home late after partying with a friend. I’m a little bit drunk and I have to pee SO BAD! You start to ask me how my evening went, but I’m so desperate to pee that I inform you I’ll tell you all about it later. I just have to go to the bathroom right now! Suddenly, I can’t hold it anymore! I pee my jeans a little. “See! Look what you made me do! I told you that I had to pee! I’m going to the bathroom right now!”You ask if you can follow me and I don’t care. I just have to go! I follow you into the bathroom, but I don’t make it to the toilet. I piss my pants completely! I just couldn’t hold it in. At first I’m angry at you, but then you explain how much you enjoy seeing it. It actually turns you on. Drunk and now a little horny, I decide to tease you a bit. I pee my jeans a little more for you….showing you just how wet they can be! I take off my pants and show you my soaking wet white panties. You like that? What if I keep undressing for you? How about I show you my full naked body now. You are such a naughty boy. I think it’s time we went into the bedroom now…

Spits, Pukes, And Snots On Willing Boytoy! – Full Movie

Her boytoy will do anything to please her, even if it involves taking in all her bodily fluids! She stands over him and starts the day spitting on his face, asserting her superiority. She inserts her fingers up her throat and throws out the noodles she had for lunch, scattering it all over his body. She reaches for her nose and blows out all the snot she can produce, making him take it all in.

Katherine’s Butthole Play And Plops & Thuds!!

I swear if you are Sleeping on Katherine, consider this clip the WAKE UP!!! Like Larry Fishburne in School Daze out this mothafucka!! Good lord this honey is off the chain. In three ultra hot clips enjoy as she Farts, Pees, Plops and even ‘massages’ herself in a special way!! In the first clip, she’s feeling a tad constipated and decided she’s gonna have to ‘dig deep’ to pull these logs out!! Enjoy as she fingers her ass. Afterwards? Floodgates OPEN!!! Enjoy these three Juicy Clips – She’s serving notice to the other ladies that she’s headed to the T -O -P with each new clip!!