Hot Girl Shiting In Toiler

Princess Mia. Pov Toilet Slavery

Princess Mia. POV Toilet Slavery

New Toilet Slave. The Beginning Of The Path

I represent my new slave. He’s the current bitch will do everything for the attention of her mistress. It’s started! I’ll teach her this shit, make her my toilet.

It’s Time For My Shit!

My slave contacted me to experience the total self-abandonment. But on the day of his detention, he handed me a bread basket so he would not have to hunger, unfortunately.In my video you can see how I’m making him a more suitable meal.

Ariel Shits For U

Hey shit fan, I just made YOU a really great SHIT clip. It features me, Ariel, and I talk a little about the hot steamy shit that comes outta my ass. Not to worry, I drop a bunch of olive sized shits on to a plate. Plop,plop,plop and the one HUGE BROWN SHIT. Check it out….