Hot Girl Shits All Over

My Mass Use, As A Living Toilet, By Several Pussies And Dicks!

Here I was used by a party horde as a living toilet, in the party room! I had to lie down there on the floor, and I had to piss into my mouth, from every woman and from every man. Of course, I had to swallow the whole yellow as well as spicy women’s and men’s piss completely! So I served then, this party company, for several hours as a living Pissoar as well as female toilet slave and swallowed several liters of stinking piss! Because the women and men at this party also drank a lot! Yeah, that’s what you see and experience only with me!

The Toile Slave Sniff The Shit

Mistress Giorgia wants to hard test the slaveShe starts to dodge him a bit with his pointed heels and then put it in his place: Under the toilet chair !!!The Mistress begins a nice pissed down and obliges the slave to drink everything, the piss is very abundant and the slave can not drink anything …But today the Mistress must to shit, and then she moves the slave, who always under her is obliged to observe all her shit from a very close distance.When it is finished, it cleans the ass and the toilet paper becomes brown. The same toilet paper is slipped into the slave’s mouth, which in the meantime is kneeling to sniff the shit of his Mistress closely.

Ariel’s Heavenly Ass

Come and stare at my hot ass. I wiggle and roll around just so you can get a really good look at me. I even take a big, brown, shit on my blanket just so you can watch.