Hot Girls Takes Massive Shit

Scato Boooooot

– Grinding, twerking- Naked- Ebony- Natural F cup- Uro / Scato- You are looking at me from the toilet

Grievous Toilet For Several Girls

We have a new delicious girl Maya in our studio. She is really sexy and has fluffy shapes. Three girls relax in the sauna. They had not seen each other for a long time and agreed to meet for the evening. First they eat pizza and have some drinks with chips. They talk about their women’s secrets and smoke cigarettes. After that, the girls go to the steam room, where they make oral caresses and kisses! They are excited and they get hot! After the stream-room girls go to jacuzzi, where they continue to drink and indulge in lesbian joys. They kiss and lick! But they get even hotter! Maya leads a slave on a leash and girls begin to beat the slave with a belt and a whip. A slave can not resist such beautiful girls and obeys their will. Many slaves dream of being humiliated by the company of several girls. What could be more beautiful? Girls spit in his mouth and piss at him. Maya pisses directly into the slave mouth and he has to swallow her urine. Mmm…It’s delicious. She enjoys this unforgettable evening! The slave is humiliated and offended. But girls can not stop, and they want to lower the slave even more. They shit into the slave mouth in turn. 3 Hot sexy girls used slave like a toilet, spit on him and humiliate! The slave can no longer tolerate and asks them to stop, but the girls are cruel. They torture him and make him to devour all the shit!

Tania Chair

One of our earlier Videos, where Tania just really shows how little she cares about one Shiteater under her. The Man had blue colored Heelmarks on his Chest after she was done. It has various Angles and shows one after the other, that is why the video is so long.The Quality is nit the best.