Hot Pee Drink

Full Toilet Slave Training #03

For months my slave has been begging me to allow him to serve as my toilet… Fine, if that’s what he wants! This is my 3rd full-toilet training session with my slave. Since he struggles to swallow my shit I am going easy on him this time and serve him a plate of microwave ravioli. I let him take a few bites to clean his palate and then go to the bathroom and return with a beautiful fresh turd. I drop it into his ravioli and let him take a few small bites. After I mash the ravioli with my poo and let him take a few bites off my soles. He’s still a long way from eating a whole turd and being a good toilet but he’s slowly making progress and manages to eat a little bit more each time. I hope that someday soon he will be able to eat it pure without constantly gagging. He should be grateful for the opportunity to nourish his body with my godly waste!

Scat Mistress Feed You

I’m a mean scat mistress, toilet slave. I haven’t let you cum throughout the month. But I’ll give you a choice: you can end your orgasm denial tonight and cum in either my SHIT, pussy or ass… Or, I can deny you orgasm for another month, feed you my shit. You want the second choice, yes? Answer me, bitch! Just for being a good lesson for you, slave, I’ll make it another months! I’ll make you eat my shit from my ass and give you a hot piss to help you drink it down. Drink it all! Don’t you cross me, slave. It’s a reward for you to eat my shit! I will control your orgasms. You won’t cum without me ))

Goddess Andreea Last Shit Play In 2017

Goddess Andreea make a last movie on 2017. She call her slave and play with his body, teasing his hard cock, humiliate him and making him her ashtray. She know how to enjoy a good time and she was training him for anything. She pissing on him then she give him some great turds right in his open wide mouth. She order him to chew and swallow while he masturbate his huge cock with her shit. A nice brown fucking cock appear and she love to film it by herself. Also today Goddess Roberta and Anita will post their last movies for 2017, stay here and buy them. Worth it ! Goddess Anita doing a bisex party and humiliate both her toilets, then Mistress Roberta doing a fuck play with her toilet slave and another fake pussy, including a lot of shit in mouth !