Hot Scatophile Beurette

Big Shit In The Mouth

A big load of shit for the slave right in the mouth. That’s how I love it. And if he is not fast enough, he won’t get enjoy next time. My toilet slave is lying on the floor. In the beginning my slave has to lick my feet and than I am shitting a big load directly into his open mouth. I sit on the face of my slave und he must lick my pussy and my ass. Then I shit a huge load directly into his mouth and he has to swallow it. Finally he has to eat my shit. He is struggling with all the shit in his mouth, but he comes due to this wonderful smell and feeling.

Goddess Andreea – Scat Feeding With 2 Slaves Part 1

Today Goddess Andreea have another custom request from a fan ! She must show no mercy to her toilet slave and use his mouth, humiliate him and make him worship her boots, legs, feet, all her body. She makes a big surprise to her fan and call another toilet who is also her cameraman and also a toilet slave. She use them both at the end, putting them to battle for her shit from a plate ! The story continue in the next episode (part 2 of this movie) hen you can see beside other : ashtray, masturbation, anal licking, cock stroking, cock cumming, cock sucking with shit on cock, penis deepthroats, domination, humiliation, spanking, piss drinking and shit eating with both her toilets, sametime ! This is part 1 of this epic movie with her personal toilets

In The Face

You get a close view of a giant shit coming then plop

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