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Mistress Gaia – Ass Smothered In My Scat

CUSTOM REQUEST – Full nude, nude feet, reverse facesitting. Please also use a belt for taking care that he will be smothered by your farts (or even your shit) of your ass, English language this time please. Have a look in all the pictures please for angle view, positions (this time especially the position 1 for this new video !), dominant face that i would like.majority of the video will be facesitting and lots of farts loud and wet, and for finishing you can shit as much as you want on him. Don’t hesitate to be rude when you are facesitting or farting or shitting, and using the belt for pushing him hardly on you. This time, suffocate him long time, like 40-50 consecutive secondes by blocking nose and mouth with your ass and also the belt. Camera more close this timewhere I can see your full body and your full dominant face, but also sometimes big plan in your ass and dirty natural feet. Crual verbal domination, laughing when he’s suffering. Ass very close to his face when you are farting or shitting on him and don’t hesitate to sit on him right after in the second which follows without waiting. With the belt, don’t hesitate to suffocate him long long time and make him really suffer and insulting him, use the belt for at least 6-7min.


Pushing out a giant pile with cream on top! Close-up ending. Multiple angles (PiP).

Scat Goddess – Mix Compilation Nr 1

One of the best Romanian Scat Goddesses you ever see in toilet movies. When she have something in her mind, the toilets are destroyed ! She is a hard Goddess who not accept anything else but catching her shit inside mouth, chewing very well, swallowing at her requests and eating without puke !! If something wrong can happened, toilets must eat also the puke or the shit they regurgitate. Her kaviar is divine and she is a vegetarian Scat Goddess and can produce big amounts of turds and shit. In her movies (in this compilations you will find 6 of her movies ) she wanna be sure that her shit is not wasted on sheets and her personal toilet was trained enough to can swallow and accept her shit in his stomach. She is free dissease and all her toilets can eat everyday her Royal kaviar without problems. Buy this compilation and see her in action in different 6 ocassions. She love to use and abuse her toilet with dirty words, and she hope in a good selling on this shop ! A great first compilation you must have it, worth it !

Mistress Breaks In Her Two New Slaves! – Full Movie

Before her are her two newest slaves and she knows she has lots of work to do. Before she sends these two to service her most valued patrons, she has to break them in and teach them her ways. She starts by spitting on each of them, directing her saliva straight into their mouths. Next, she sits on their faces and teaches them how to eat pussy properly. When that’s finished, she blows her nose and lets the snot and phlegm drip on their faces.