Hubby Man Shitting

Addicted To My Shit!

Regular follower of my fetish videos today eat my shit once again to be my toilet! He loves when I shit in his mouth. Everyone who buys my video and come to my session will automatically become a full toilet for me! I manipulate your brain, and you might even become addicted to it. My toilet slave sucks my shoes and heels licked with special predilection. Once I have to shit in his mouth, he thinks he’s the toilet and to eat my shit )) But that’s not all. I’ll sit on his face, until he be satisfied with my shit.

In The Toilet

Pissing and shitting straight down the toilet.

Couple Shares A Disgusting Pile Of Food, Piss, And Shit! – Part 1

She pisses on bread and then takes a dump on it. She drops the other food items on the floor and crushes them with her heels!

Lisas Scat Bitch Part3

In this last part you can watch Lisa feeding this toilet-gap over and over again and he bravely swallows it all. The pig is getting so horny that he is continuously getting an erection. Then I watch him swallowing his own sperm…