Huge Ass Anal Shitting

Mistress Andreea And Nicolle Piss Drinking Complete

Goddess Andreea call her toilet boy at her dungeon again. She want to humiliate her toilet with her friend, Mistress Nicolle. In this movie, slave will clean the mess from their feet, eat icecream from foot, heels, and drink all her piss from both Mistresses! The scenes were recorded with 2 cameras, from 2 angles, and the piss drinking just with 1 camera.

Pee And Fart Adventures

Being in several meetings is hard, especially if a lot of people need to step into your office afterwards and you don’t have time to pee. As I arrive home I can see it’s time for Devoted Sub to take a bath. Water is a limited resource and we must use it sparingly for future generations. This is how I’m going green and doing my part to save water. Watch me get undressed and stand on two chairs to give my slave a shower with my warm piss. I pee all over him and not only does he wash himself with my golden nectar, he even takes it in his toilet mouth. Watch me afterwards making him slurp it up from my tile floor. Now watch me ride his face for my own amusement and pleasure afterwards. I get soaking wet from this right on his face thrusting and riding it. I enjoy myself farting directly on his worthless face, blowing my smelly gas into his mouth and nostrils where it belongs! My wet and loud farts are so smelly he turns bright red and his eyes get watery. For those under the impression that women can’t fart as much as men? By following the correct diet I have proved you wrong by blowing gas that sounded like explosions on my slave’s worthless face! Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

The Mask Part 2 Marie

Here we have a Movie that was very heavy on our Slave. The Rock Toilet weights 12 KG plus the Girl around 50 KG and then the Slave left with the Option swallow fast or not breath, which created big Problems, but at the End The Slave won by swallowing all and fast. A Camera is mounted in the Back of this Toilet and shows clearly what happens inside. English Subtitles