Huge Poopiung

Kazusa Is A Turd Empress – Full Movie

Kazusa felt all her self control draining away as the Master pushed the vibrator into her anus. The shaking of the vibrator released a rough fart, and bits of warm and soft turd began flowing out of her hole to the Master’s delight. The Master took a porcelain white plate and ordered Kazusa to push out her treasured turd so he can watch each piece pinch off her ass. The turd plopped softly on the surface of porcelain plate. Kazusa’s pretty fingers squeezed the poo between her fingers, spreading the gooey goodness across her white tennis shirt. The smell hit her nostrils, making her eyes water a little but she didn’t want to stop. After stripping completely, she continued enjoying her own warm shit as she slathered her breasts and belly, making sure she crushed the warm turd completely so it would coat her soft, warm skin. The Master lost all control with Kazusa and started fucking her warm mouth, making her gag. The smooth floor was completely COATED in Kazusa’s brown, gooey gift, and the Master couldn’t get enough of her pussy, now slathered with turd too.

Big Pantiespoop

I shit in my panties and it turns me on so much I smear it all over me and explode

My New Throne

I wanted to get a new perspective on the chocolate videos, so when I saw this bedside toilet, I couldn’t pass it up!!! This is the first video I shot with it, but believe me, there will be many more to come! It’s great for letting you see angles that you wouldn’t get to see if I was sitting on a conventional toilet. If you like CHOCOLATE, then you will really enjoy this clip … you get the front and rear view of me filling up the bowl and then a close up of the big, hot pile of chocolate and even the wipes after I clean up … speaking of which … I shouldn’t have to use wipes, I should have a nice wet tongue back there to clean me up! Any slave volunteers??? I need someone under the seat for the next time I use the it!