Huge Shit For Slave Mouth

The 3 Mega Shit Girls…

Three girls compete who can make the bigger shit.. At the end, a full plate of girl shit in front of the audience…

She Takes Off Panties And Shit On Them.

She takes off panties and shit on them.

Geneva Blowing It Up At Work!!!

Geneva is another sexy Ebony BBW with a nice Juicy Ass. Enjoy as she plops down and lets rip some explosive Farts and Ish on the toilet!! She’s a Daycare Teacher and she has to sneak away from the – to go drop them off in the pool!! Enjoy her sexy Farts and sharts and pissing from the toilet!! Oh the nasty ass pre dump farts she lets off on that bowl!! You just know it was downright funky in that bathroom! Geneva is definitely a lady keeping it funky!!

Stupid Pervert In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Part 3 Britany Hd.wmv

The Girls are standing in Line at an Office when they notice a Pervert observing them and touching his private Parts. Until the Situation explodes, they throw the Man on the Ground and poop in his Face and Mouth and make him swallow the Poop. Part 3 with Britany. English Subtitles