Huge Shit Pants

Peeing Collection In Japan 2-1

There are lots of pissing scenes of Japanese pretty ladies.

237 Dog Man Eating Kv

This is one of my best video of 2016, it is not a clip, it is 33 minutes and i hope you will see it. It is doing during a 24/7 H24 by me in Sardinia, every morining the slave who serve me MUST be my toilet WC. This is a man-dog-toilet slave, this video is all in italian but… so you can learn my language, I can also speak english, french, spanish…. it is not a problem for me. MP4 fast download also for smart. FETISH, PISSING, SCAT, EATING.237: Mistress Isabella has her slave worshipping her boots before bringing him walking as a dog in the park, but before going she has to make sure he has plenty to eat and drink as she doesn’t want him to eat and drink every shit he finds on the way and in the park. A lot of piss and several mouthfuls of shit fill the dog’s belly as he eagerly eats it all.

Two Human Toilets For Lisa

Lady Lisa is on the couch, reads a book and enjoying a glass of water. The toilet slave serves Lisa as a footstool. It will not take a long time and Lady Lisa is in a bad mood and slaps the slaves face just for fun. He worship Lady Lisas feet and clean them with his tongue and get the honor to smell her butt. Lady Lisa loves facesitting and enjoys attending her glass of water. Lisa is now also in the mood to take the slave, prepare his face with a strap on and use the strap on to makes herselve before she use the toilet slave and poops and pees in his mouth.