Humaliation Untill She Pee

Hot Wet Shit After A Tummyache

I had a brutal tummyache! What did I eat? The spicy food, the booze, the caffeine? Who knows, all I know is that I was cramping and it was hot coming out! This one felt amazing to push out of me – and there was lots, it just kept coming and coming! I even repay the shitting closer up a second time so you can really see it and listen to the wet sloppy sounds it makes while sputtering and pushing out of me. After I go and my bellyache is taken care of, I wipe and explore the pile of shit with my fingers. There’s hard turds from the beginning of the shit, then tons and tons of creamy hot mushy shit. It’s a little grainy from food but still lovely to feel.

My Shit Is Your Reward!

I think you have done a good job my slave! The house is clean, so you deserve a little reward. I know you desire my precious champagne, so get under me and get ready to drink every precious little drop that comes out of my beautiful pussy! This is your desired reward for a job well done! But I have more for you! You need to eat to, so get ready to eat my shit little worm. This is your meal today, because I expect you to do more work! To work well you need to eat, and my shot is full of energy for you! So eat all my gifts my little toilet!

Diva Staxxx’s Belly Aching Grunts And Groans!

Diva Staxxx has been away from home lately. Using little bathrooms with barely enough space for that monster ass of hers. Enjoy This nearly 20 min set of great facial expressions, Belly Rubbing, Grunting, Plopping, and Straining!!! A great clip for those who are more fond of facial expressions and sounds. No actual scat shown in these scenes, but you can hear plenty Peeing and Ploppage in all four clips!!