Human Center Pee

Dressing Doll With Feces! – Part 1

Part 1 – While sitting on the couch, the sweetheart is rubbing a doll against her crotch! With her enjoyment, she doesnÂ’t realize that she has spent a generous amount of time on the activity! Shortly after, she stops, but only to drench the toy with her spit! She would then resume using it on her groin to further worsen her arousal! When she starts wanting more, she puts the doll on the floor and then drenches it with her piss!

Lesbo Honeys Love Pee And Shit! – Part 2

She bends down and makes the other girl lick and finger her asshole. The girl rams a dildo up the other one’s asshole. They pee on glasses and take turns drinking each others urine. They spit pee into each others mouth.

Pooping At The New Gym!

I’m about to workout when my stomach starts to make funny noises and I have to take a poo in my new gym on campus!