Human Farting Girl

Pooping On My Balcony!

I’m feeling naughty today and decide to risk it and take a shit on my balcony in broad day light and with all kinds of traffic and people going by…Anyway I stand by the railing and spread my cheeks and pooping. As the first turd comes out, a bumble bee flies outta no where and scares the shit outta me! Hahahaha! I keep shitting though…and after I’m done I dip my toes into it and show it for the camera…don’t you wish you could lick them clean!

Ms D Saving The Best For Last!!

Ms D is back with four great PPP clips – That’s Peeing, Pooting, and Plopping for the uninitiated! As usual, she had plenty gas from the ass to go along with her ploppage! What I would give to sneak into the ladies room and hear a woman blowing ass like Ms D!! She really brought it with the gas and plops in this one. She even saved her best fart for the very end. Right as she was thinking she was done, she bends over and lets a massive fart rip right before pulling her panties back up!! My how sexy all her panties, boyshorts and thongs are in every clip!! I would love to just rumble through her panty dresser and smell them all!!

Sydnee’s Shit Explosion

When I filmed this, it smelled like a NYC sewer. This clip is for those of you who not only enjoy ebony EFRO, but nasty, wet, loud, anal explosive diarrhea. LOTS of piss in this clip too. Such a dirty littlle ebony whore Sydnee is, and just for you!