Human Toilet Group

Mistress Gaia – Scat & Lunch

ENGLISH SPOKENI know you really enjoy watching my scat videos. So today I’m giving you a little treat, a quickie. I’m having lunch with a friend, and I need to make some room in my tummy. Nothing like getting rid of some air, get closer… my aroma is priceless. Also, having a shit makes one feel a little lighter. I decided to use my little platform to allow you to see my full silhouette in good light. As you can see, I’m not wearing very much. So I can quickly get my soiled panties off and let you smell them, and perhaps enjoy licking them. Time to loose some weight, I’m on my platform and enjoying the relief that my beautiful shit can bring. I hope you find my little treat appetizing. It allows me to make room for our next encounter. Enjoy!!

Althea’s Up Close Grunts, Plops & Strains!

Enjoy as the lovely Althea Returns with Two great Funky Clips! In the first she gives a great overhead shot as she drops three phat logs. In the second and longest scene enjoy as she lets out a massive load right before hopping in the shower. Shits and Tits for everybody!! Enjoy as she rubs her body and makes those sexy faces while going. She shows off that sexy thick body of hers moving the camera in and out and giving great shots of her tits, ass and pussy. Folks are sleeping on Althea as she for sure provides some of the biggest dumps and plenty of great facial expressions and TNA!!!

Aria’s Rear Exits!!

Aria brings us up close and personal from a new perspective for her – Directly on the back end of the toilet!! Enjoy watching and hearing as she pees and squeezes out some impressive logs from that bubble butt of hers!! Now I see why she grunts and strains like she does with the Lincoln Logs coming out of that juicy booty!!