Human Toilet Lesbiens

Bound Slaves To Pull Dung For Him

The mistress tied the slaves to the limbs with a tape, crawling the slaves, and then crawling the slaves to the bathroom, shitting and shitting the slaves.

Cori’s Three Of A Kind!!

Cori is back once again!!! That monster ass of her’s has been on fire lately! Enjoy Three great new clips as she Spreads nice and wide to show the turds coming out her big ole ass in the 1st clip, then enjoy in the 2nd clip a mean, nasty period shit in the second. She even laments “Why do I have to shit so much on my period?!” In the finale, enjoy her great facial expressions while reading a book. Some great grunts, strains, and booty explosions!! Three Great New FUNKY clips from my favorite PAWG!!!

Morning Toilet

Mistress Michelle uses a toilet slave in the morning and while she is shitting in his mouth, she works with her computer without attention to the slave.

Madame Jeannette – Bathroom Shit

Madame Jeannette has to shit. She makes her poo on the floor of Slave Bodo’s bathroom. He has to clean it up with his dirty mouth.