Human Toilet Piss Drinking Men

Sumi Precursor To Poop

Feeling gassy before taking a big poop! Self-filmed. Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Mistress Roberta – Enormous Diarrhea Into Throat After Enema

Mistress Roberta doing today a perfect movie with humiliation, farting, feet worshipping, high heels, pantyhose, enema and DIARRHEA, all of them in a single one movie. She use again, as usually, his mouth, tongue and body to complete his training to become a full toilet pot whenever she need him. She push her diarrhea inside his mouth and play with her diarrhea using some blue gloves.

Scat Pole Used To By 2 Mistresses To Push Long Shit Deep Into Throat

Two very sexy mistresses but dont let their sexy apperance trick you into thinking they are sweet and innocent. The only thing that’s sweet is their sweet shit. One mistress releases a long chocolate log directly into the slaves mouth. To ensure complete consumption, the mistresses use the scat stick to push the shit down deep into the slaves throat. This is the slaves first time and he is given the best introduction to scatology possible! *Special Discount*

A Load Of Golden Shower From Lady Princess

Before the slave gets the full day portion of pee from Lady Princess to swallow, he is whipped hard. Bound and defenseless he must suffer her games. His balls are not safe also… She grabs his genitals until her victim screams, like the mistress likes it. For Lady Princess fun, in the end the slave opens his mouth is works as her toilet. She pees in his face and has fun. After that, the slave must clean the floor with his tongue.