Human Toilet Shitting In Mouth

Shitty Pension (hd 720p)

I’m getting tired: every day there’s a shitty problem! Yesterday the taxes to pay, today the fucking pension contributions… do you know what I will do? I’ll get this legal document and… nothing is better than shitting hard on it. Here’s your shitty pension!

Smear Scat On Mirror

I begin with showing you a yoga pose called of the wall instead of two feet up i put one up onmy mirror. I then proceed to tell u to open up as i need to shit quickly but a lot comes out andmore, and more, then MORE! There’s SO much shit on the floor ! as u eat some, i take some poop and start to smear ‘ TOILET SLAVE on the mirror using one turd at a time. as u sit and watch drooling over wanting to lick the mirror. But instead i Do it ! Teasing you min by min. Then i spit on the mirror YELLING THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF YOU!!! the ni say go clean that shit up!Degrading ur nasty ass This is the best of the best Know YOur place NAsty Boy

Amateur Slut Pissing And Shitting

Amateur slut pissing and shitting