Humilliation Pee Shit Vomit

Shitting On Toilet And Making You Lick My Asshole

I sit down on the toilet and take a big and satisfying shit. You can hear me moan as I push a nice hard log out of my asshole and then I moan of relief after I’m done pooping. You can see my shit fall in the toilet and hear the plop. I then show you the same shit coming out from a second camera angle. In this other angle you can see my asshole better while I am pooping.I wipe my ass and show you the dirty toilet paper. I stand up and spread my ass cheeks. I make you worship and lick my dirty asshole. “Sniff! Stick your tongue out and clean my ass! (…) Next time I wish I have diarrhea on your face!” When I get tired of your stupid face I tell you to fuck off!

Goddess Pissing And Shitting In Slave Mouth

Today Mistress want to destroy her slave, using him for all her kinky pleasures : she destroy his cock and balls, ballbusting him, strapon fuck him, using his mouth to shove her huge strap inside, and shitting in his throat as a supreme humiliation. Then she feed her toilet to be sure all things were clear !

Girl In The Shit And Wipe Foliage.

Girl in the shit and wipe foliage.

Femdom Piss Party 09

Princess Nikki, Princess Mini and Princess Smiley together humilating a slave, what a party! Spit at him slap him, let him lick dirty shoe soles and sure pissing in his mouth. Nikki and Mini piss a lot stright in his mouth, Smiley piss in a glas and lets him drink!