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Extra Long Scat By Mistress Isabella With Carlotta

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Log Eater 720p

New feeder Mistress Raw Desires saw our vids and contacted us wanting to feed the toilet a hot meal out of her ebony ass. This dominant shit goddess humiliates the toilet pig and makes him eat a fat nasty long log out of her juicy ass. The toilet pig gobbles down her grade A shit and uses his tongue to clean her up after his meal. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Lick- And Swallow-slave In The Flat-share (part 3)

Elaise arrives at home and lets the slave lick her dirty boots until they are clean. Then she instills nearly 0,5 litres of pee into the slaves mouth. It is the climax of a long session of 1 hour at all for the slave. Now the slave does know, how to attend his mistresses. He is the boot cleaner and the toilet for them.