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Jane – Loosing Scat Virginity. Part 1

Hello everyone.This is Jane. And this is the way she lost her scat virginity and manyother virginities, including vomit, anal, enema and piss virginity.And all this happened during one day.Jane never was kind of perverted slut, she was that time of women whowalks to church, have dog, cat, and beautiful family.But everyone has a devil inside, sometimes even several devils.She was proposed to do scat film during half of the year and finally,today she gave up. And scat hell opened its gates in front of her.So, meet Jane. New, Shining, Brown Star.Enjoy our movie.

Khati Piss And Domination 01

Lady Khati whip the slaves slaps the faces, spit on them, she piss on her slaves let them swollow her piss and lick the rest from the floor.

Scattie’s Enema

So, I had my first experience with scat (see ‘first experience’), but for me it wasn’t enough. I saw some clip with enema, and decided to do it myself. I didn’t really enjoy the water flowing in my bowels, but I purged with pleasure. The most exciting thing was the water pouring out of my ass hole. It was like a fountain, so I was human fountain. And this smell hmmmm…