Husband Slave Eat Wifes Shit

Mistress Roberta -shit Suit After Torment

Today my slave will be a bit tormented first i take the letter opener and play with it on his body, the letter opener only scratches and pokes because is not sharp but he is so scared that makes me wanna play more with him like that after i do some ass worship, face sitting, i pee and shit into his mouth and after i turn the shit into a suit and a shit cock from toilet paper and shit so enjoy the fun action .

Monica Flithy Pee

Monica is teasing you with naughty peeing on you.

Goddess Zelda Makes Him Smell Her Shitty Ass!!

Zelda is back with another FUNKY clip with a slave!! Enjoy as she takes a nice dump in the tub EFRO style. Then enjoy as she has a little fun with another slave of hers! Enjoy as she begins by spanking him with her paddle. Then She takes him into the bedroom and gives him the honor of smelling her shitty ass!! Enjoy as she wiggles all over his face!! A nice mix of DooDoo and Domination!!

Thick Dumpling

Perched quite close in front of your nose to the ground, barefooted, I poop a pretty thick dumpling on the floor! Make fast to the loo and pee, then comes a second helping on top of the pile! We look at it and flush it down the toilet together! Yum! 🙂