Hy Girl Needs To Pee

Pee Session In The Dirt

I am on the road with Jane and Domi, our slave can accompany us for a certain reason. The loser has to serve as a toilet. First, Jane has to piss, she takes an old cake and stomps him with her boots into the dirt, then pisses over it and lets the slaves eat the dirty mud. Then Domi and I also have to pee and ease over his dirty skull. So beautifully pissed the muck can go back home *smile*.

Lil Stink’s Quick And Clean Return!!

Another of my favorite, now rarely seen Booties is back in the mix this month!! Lil Stink just popped in with two quickies!! A nice treat for old fans and a reintroduction for those that missed out!! Enjoy these two upclose straight from the Browneye express quickies for one low low price!! Hopefully she will make even more (lord knows I’ve been pushing her) but it’s a nice treat from one of the ORIGINAL Funky Ladies and one of my all-time top sellers

Stacey’s Massive Explosion

What a day! I walked to a near by photo shoot to do a test shoot with a new model. Everything went great, until I got back and realized I forgot my keys, I’m locked out. I have to wait 20 mins until some one can come home and rescue me. I have to shit really bad I’m trying to hold it, but I lose the fight.I go right in my, new white tight jeans and I have diarrhea omg. Why me? Its so much that when I take my jeans off shit falls everywhere I can not fucking believe this. It wont stop coming, I shit in my hand and smear it on my phat ass. More shit comes out on the floor, I have to go some more. I sit my shitty ass on the toilet all you hear is heavy farts and more diarrhea. Shit is every where on me, the toilet and the floor. The only good part was that, I did have my camera. My neighbor was right in her driveway as all this was happening, I wondering how much she saw. This was one of my most embarrassing moments.