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Shit At 17.02.2018

Shit in front of you, and pee, then I make nice closeup to my skid mark inside toilet bowl.

Alina Is Bathing In The Lake And Pooping In Panties

Alina is bathing in the lake and pooping in panties. Today we decided to make a video of Alina crouching in Alina’s panties. But today it is very hot and Alina wanted to swim in cool water. Unfortunately Alina did not have a swimsuit and she decided to bathe in her underwear. Luckily there were not many people on the beach. After swimming, Alina felt fine and filled her panties with stiff and smelly shit.


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Ladys Ts Burger

A party for the slave, because I prepares in his royal TS Burger before his eyes, then he has to lick only my Poloch deeply with the tongue cleanly from and to eat the rests, then he gets my fresh piss to drink, then the preparation of the Burger with all what belongs to it. Afterwards he has to eat the brewer completely. A good shit essender slave will eat everything on.