Il Lui Pisse Dessus

20min Face And Haie Smear Of Diarhea

I took a laxative and i need to shit it out!Im squating over a tin pan and within secs i just shit nothing but A HUGE CREAMY LOG WITH PISS COME STRAIGHT OUT and its FUCKING HUGE its stinky and very wet. I turn around to show my ebony ass, and moaning because of the pain of my stomach thinking more is going to ome out.I then show you all the stinky mess i made! i place the pan on a stool with the cam facing, I DIP MY FACE IN THE DIARHEA AND LICK AND SPIT SOME OF MY SHIT OUT, the smell is so intense and makes me want to gag.I then start to SMEAR THE NASTY SHIT ALL OVER MY FACE AND LIPS AND HAIR as i continue the smell gets stronger but the feel of it makes me feel so turned on, having shit smear on my face its warm and smooth it feels so good! I THEN GET MORE SHIT AND BEGIN TO SMEAR ALOT ON MY HAIR MY LONG 300$ WEAVE IS DRENCHED IN PISS AND SHIT! i keep caking more shit on my face as i show it off to you.THEN I SMEAR IT ALL ON MY THROAT AND CHEST, DOWN TO MY BOOBS SMEARING IT ON MY CHOCOLATE NIPPLES! I then begin to smear more shit on LAYERS AND LAYERS OF SHIT KEEPS GETTING ADDED TO MY FACE AND HAIR and then i get close to show it off and THEN I DEMAND YOU TO SUCK MY HAIR MY SHITTY HAIR, WHICH I PUT MY HAIR IN MY MOUTH AND SUCK ON IT LIKE U SHOULD BE DOING! This video is 20 mins long and its a turn on seeing my ebony body get to nasty, no other bitch is doing it like me show me how much U CRAVE MY SCAT BODY AND PURCHSE THIS VIDEO NOW!


Hot santa helper is giving you gift drink pee and food shit!

Having Fun With My 2 Toilet Slave! – Part 4 Movie

Now wait, I’m farting? ooops my shit are dropping.. EAT IT EAT IT!!! Ok well, I shall feed you instead.