In Shits On Wife

Eat Shit Slave

When I want to shit, I usually use my toilet slave. He is always ready to be my toilet and likes to lick my asshole. For the present slave licked my butt, I had a lot of shit. Then he opened mouth so wide and swallowed my tasty shit. Now my slave it’s a full toilet. Toilet full of my shit. I fill up your mouth again and again, my stupid slut.

Slave Shit In The Mouth

Here is the second part of shit. In this clip I shit a slave in the mouth and get him down with my shit and the other slave licks the shit from my body

My Mistress’s Fetish! – Part 3

I mix the pee, shit, and puke in the bowl to form a sickening paste. This I smear all over my body and his, giving ourselves an ‘organic’ skin treat!