Incest Fart Her Daughter Interview

Mistress Gaia – His Jacket Of Shit

My slave has a nasty habit of coming to me always dressed like a bum! While tonight, to go out with his girlfriend, he even put his jacket! In addition, this piece of shit, not even asked my permission to go out with her! As punishment, I shit on his jacket and, after having smeared it all, I obliged him to go out like that! Ahh ahh ahh

Scat Goddess And Her Friend Use Toilet Slave

Scat Goddess was back with more nasty shit feeding. She borrow her toilet to another friend Domme to use him and humiliate him, then she call him in a hurry to can empty herself in his open wide mouth. Before this, she blocked and enlarged his mouth with a spreader to be sure everything come out from her asshole, will arrive into her toilet throat. She put also some yoghurt into toilet mouth to be easy for him to swallow her precious shit. At the end she shitting again in the toilet as a small movie bonus.

Halloween Poison Ivy Poop!

It’s my that time for my favorite holiday Halloween! I love to dress up so I had to dress up as my favorite super villain Poison Ivy from Batman. I had to take a big nasty poo from all the Halloween activities and it felt so good to poo especially in my sexy costume!