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I Will Fulfill Any Your Whims, Mistresses

I will fulfill any your whims, Mistresses. Today the toilet slave had to perform several roles. The girls decided to have fun with him in full. At first, he was for them a doggy, which was supposed toexecute any commands. Then he was an ashtray and footrest. If the slave did not cope well with his duties, the girls were punishing him. Finally, it came that he waited the most. He had performed the role of toilet for girls. The girls hadgiven a lot of urine, so the slave had a hard time. In fact, he was flooded. Buthe withstood this stream and then was able to eat the shit of each of the girls.


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Used As Toilet Part 2 (outdoor)

My slave has to drive me, as usual. While driving I realize that I really have to poop. Of course I want to use him as my toilet! He has to stop the car and I sit on his face. Almost immediately there is a huge piece of shit coming out of my perfect ass! I shove it in his mouth! I don’t care if he pukes! If I have to poop, my slave has to obey. There isn’t any toilet paper, so I use his tongue. Let’s go!

Bbw Girl Shit And Shit Smeared His Feet.

BBW girl shit and shit smeared his feet.