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Hershey Rae’s Getting Into The Groove!!

Boy I tell you it’s hard work getting your favorites into this line of work!! I had been trying to get in contact with the lovely Hershey Rae for years!!! Finally was able to get her on the team and boy is it worth it!!! She’s still getting comfortable with it, but the more you fans support (that means BUY CLIPS people not wait to freeload) the more she will bring!!! Enjoy as she goes from the bathroom to the bedroom with it! Enjoy Four Great clips as she drops loads in the bathroom, the bathtub, her bedroom, and on the floor!! Enjoy as she spreads that ridiculous 56 inch ass of hers nice and wide!! She starts with some baby turds but graduates to the monsters you expect coming from a caboose like that!!! I swear that ass is Winking at me!! Enjoy these great Farty dumps!All of the following downloads are incl

Shart Mummification

Wrapped from the neck dow in industrial cling wrap.. My boyfriend wakes up Trapped and immobilized on the bed. Moaning with discomfort as I climb on top of him and place my panty covered ass directly over his mouth, I feel him bite down on the gag holding his mouth open wishing he could close it.. Haha too bad hunny.. Maybe you wouldn’t be here right now if you didn’t drink enough to a bull elephant and been sober enough to stop yourself from becoming this fart cocoon!! We had plans today remember? Maybe this will jog your memory.. I’ve been gassy all day, constantly running back and forth to the bathroom.. And I KNOOWWWWW how much you hate my farts. Well I also hate you ruining our plans.. So what better way to teach you a lesson? I line my ass up directly over his mouth making sure every last fart is shot straight down his throat.. How awful is it bitch? I can hear how wet they’re getting and they feel nice and hot, I’m sure it’s getting pretty bad down there huh? Oh well.. I make it even worse as they get wetter by taking my panties off so all the extra surprises splat all over his tongue.. Sitting harder to make sure every ounce fart gets sealed and trapped in his mouth… But then gas stops.. Uh oh haha.. I think I have to sht! .. He mumbles HMM MM in denial but I just push a nice soft gift right into his lips ignoring his rejection.. How’s my sht taste in your mouth bitch?!. I know he won’t swallow it so I continue to pile fart after fart on top of it, occasionally even adding more to it.. How humiliating this must be, having a GIRL completely dominate you by sitting on your face.. pushing her foul, endless farts in your mouth while you’re wrapped up and helpless.. Even using it as a toilet and then acts like it never happened and just keeps dumping more gas on top of it.. hahaaa awhh he’s starting to choke!! I think he just swallowed it.. It’s okay I’ll just give him a refill, I’m not done with him just yet.

Cindy Is Learning The Toiletslave Thing

Girls uses Man as her Toilet with english subtitles