Indian Beagh Piss

Eat The Princess Shit

Princess Morgana loves to play with her female slaves lesbian shitgames…

Shit Painting – Live Canvass Body Art

SPECIAL!!: WAS: 13.99NOW: 7.99!Price on this clip reduced as a thank you to my loyal supporters!Class is in session. Welcome to the school of shitty arts also known as “Goddess Tempest Art School” Yes I started my own art school, why? I started taking art classes recently and I got kicked out on the very first day! Yes, I’ll admit maybe it wasn’t the best idea to make a drawing of a woman shitting into a man’s mouth but I feel they over reacted. You’ll see this drawing in this video so you can judge for yourself. As I’m lying on the bed I get the BEST IDEA EVER! Why don’t I use my slave as a live canvas and use my shit as paint? Watch as I take my pants off and let my slave lick my smelly ass. I then take a shit and he has to chew each piece of that thick meaty turd to turn it into shit paint for my landscape I’m painting on his back. To make this body painting extra special I paint my shit that he chewed onto his back with my bare hand (NO GLOVES) as I LOVE scat play as well as the advancement of the arts! Afterwards I sign my work by making my signature onto this live canvass painting like any great artist would do. I’m truly gifted. Wonder if I’ll get a spot in one of the top galleries in the world to display my smelly artwork? You must not miss this one as it was taken with two HD cameras so you can enjoy a close-up HD view of my thick meaty turd slowly sliding out of my asshole as well as my slave’s chewing action. Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Introducing Josephina!!

It’s time for another new FUNKY lady!! We just keep rolling into summer with another hot rookie!! Enjoy this Sexy SBBW Latina named Josephina!! She’s a homie of my girl Big Butt Cori and Zelda and debut’s with five great FUNKY clips!! She’s Got a nice big brown ass and good things come from it!! She begins with great Grunts, plops and strain in the first two clips. Then Enjoy as she brings an interesting perspective in two scenes as she poops right over the camera onto a clear piece of glass. Enjoy as she drops some nice yuletide logs seemingly right on your face!! Then in the finale, she goes reverse kanga style, and has a nice runny case of diarrhea! Five great big explosive clips from a new big explosive Latina Ass!!

P – Mmw – Drink Our Pee – Day 02 – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 11:03. Girls pee to toilet chair and a man their toilet slave must drink this fluid.Polish language.