Indian Cat Pee

Yoga Poop 5

4 Clips in 1. 1st Clip – On her back legs in the air. 2nd Clip – Ass facing the camera stretching to the air. 3rd Clip – Doggy style. 4th Clip Close up of her ass shitting.

Lady M Socks Sucking And Shit Feeding

Today Lady M feeding again her toilet slave in dirty socks. First she order him to clean her dirty socks, smell them, put them in his mouth. Then she trampling him and beat him. She prepare him her morning shit on a sheet. Mistress order him to begin eating and help him with her hands on his head.

Mistress Annabelle – Diarrhea For Slave – Hd Ver.

Mistress Annabelle expect full obedience from her trained toilet slave. She smokes a cigarette and uses the slave’s mouth instead of an ashtray. She fill slave mouth with a torrent of shit and diarrhea and order the toilet to lick and clean her asshole. She spits on the slave and takes the video of a slave’s face full of shit.

Poop Close-up

WoW!!! Amazing ass hole close-up of my mature wife. Delicious poop… I love it so much!