Indian Girls Peeping Thers Tolite

Mistress Gaia – A Festive Liqueur

I have my slave in the dungeon, and he is going to have to show me some appreciation if he wants to receive his Christmas gift. He aske me if he could worship my boots, so I decided to allow him so use his tongue and make sure my boots are clean. With him on his knees, I use his body as my step up to get onto the the bench. Once I’m comfortable, I tell him to get licking and If he makes a good enough job of cleaning my boots, I’ll give him his Christmas gift. After a while, it’s time to check if he deserver anything. Well… I have to admit he deserves something. He says he’s thirsty, so I’m going to allow him the pleasure of drinking my pee. I get him to put the funnel in his mouth and kneel beneath me, and once I’m ready I piss into the funnel. He has to make sure he drinks all of it and not spill any. I also spit a few times into his funnel, what a nice combination to go with my delicious amber nectar. I relax and watch as my lucky bitch enjoys his Chrismas liqueur…

Yoga Instructor Shows Off Her Moves!

This flexible yoga instructor shows off her moves to her new students and it turns out very erotic and finishes off with her squirting orgasms!

Viola And Paris Ignore And Pee

Viola and Paris ignore a slave laying under them. He looks up at the pusies till they start to piss down in his mouth. He is also allowed to lick the asses but recife no atantion of the Princesses.

Shit For T From Denmark

Now comes your first dose of my dear T.Auch this I deliver you to Denmark. Naked I sat down in front of the camera and spread my legs. And, now darfste see what’s coming out for YOU. And, fear?