Indian Village Women Outdoor Pooping

How Much Shit Can You Eat

I have a horny piss session with Lady Laura onto the slave. A big fan of mine and my Scat-ToiletSlavery videos, had invited me to a bathroom because we should shitting him there, in his mouth. That was a great wish from him, so he invited me and my girlfriend so that we could shit his mouth full. And I do it for his money. I shit this guy a huge pile, of my divine shit, in his mouth and I then just let him lye. Let’s see how much shit he can eat )) It is completely degraded. Lol

Shit On Rubber Boots1

I found several pairs of rubber boots at home. Now I measure them and throw them into the pile. I’m starting to shit rubber boots. it is great

Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea In Black Panties-pov

Today all i am wearing is the spiky leather jacket top and panties so i decided to poop inside my panties but the poop came out on the sides being an soft diarrhea smearing the part of my ass inside all with shit for you to lick clean and after the panties are waiting for you and the pieces on the floor, enjoy.

She Dominates & Pees All Over Me! – Part 2

She sits over my face and pees all over me. She sits back and makes me lick the sharp heels of her boots then she rubs her bare feet on my cock and balls.