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Top Kw Butler Scat Kaviar

THIS IS THE BEST SHITTING and KW eating of APRIL 2016 by me in Sardinia. Because this video clip of 18 minutes is in italian language i do not write to much abouth this in english. take a LOOK. MP4

Scat And Food Crush Lunch Time Serving!

This slave is given a delightful mixture of food crushed under his mistresses feet followed by scat and pee delivered into his mouth. He is smothered and his breath is controlled and he is for me, the most lucky guy in the world. To taste that sweet scat and golden urine mixed with traditional crushed food sounds like heaven on earth!

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It is a private party which starts with 2 lesbian mistresses who strip down to their bikinis to begin the abuse of their masked slave. Before long, they are joined by two more as they go about trampling and humiliating him under their perfect feet! He is given a funnel to hold tightly in his mouth to be delivered with golden sweet juice from these cruel and beautiful bitches. All the time they are laughing and mocking him. He is totally helpless and must endure whatever they want to do with him.

039.3.2 Turd Into Sissy’s Mouth

039.3.2 And now we are, i’m sure you first want to see this clip when my hard turd become into my Sissy mouth…. but remember, Femdom is not only shitting, became a very good slaves watching all clips of this video 039 that is the best video for Sissy maid training.