Indian Women Peeing Photo With Saree Toilet

Shit For Feeding My Toilets

I have a little surprise for my toilets! If you REALLY dream of toilet slavery, then you should know how difficult it is to find fetishists on this topic. I am a real Mistress and I teaches the slaves to become my toilets. ? I LOVE feeding my shit to so many of you, and true to form, I birth another hot liquid shit right out my naughty asshole, and I want you to eat itÂ… the thought of you eating my shit makes me so, soo excited! ?

3 Mistresses Piss A Slave In The Mouth! Part 2

Here Contessa Calucci brought a new slave to us by pulling him with a rope to his cock, to the domina studio and pulled, in which, my friend LadyKinkyCat and I, already waiting impatiently for the new toilet slaves. The slave had to lie down on the ground, and we then pissed it into his mouth. He had to swallow everything and came almost to his limits with the amounts of our hot piss. Finally, we had a very special surprise for the new slave. But let us surprise you. Finally, the slave had to lick the floor clean!

Diarrhea At The Beach

During a short hike on the beach of the Ardeche, I suddenly feel a huge pressure in my gut. Only one thing can help. Squat and shoot my shit out into the nature. This time a fairly fluid pleasure. Facilitating. I hope no one has been watching me.

Shitting On New Teacher To Show Him Who’s Boss! – Full Movie

The new teacher is a smug prick who thinks they are hot for him. The girls need to teach him a lesson and show him that pussy holds the power here! After class, the corner the poor man and makes him strip on the floor. They take turns rubbing their stockinged feet on his face! They get their makeshift funnel, place it on his mouth and then they take turns peeing right into it! Poor bastard has no choice but to drink it all! Their final act – shitting on his face. They take turns taking a dump on him and soon his head is filled with shit.