Inject Piss In Her

Unleash The Beast

2 clips of big booty TM unleashing some beastly logs out of her beautiful round booty. She always delivers some hefty turds!!!


Decorating a set of stairs with a wet and runny poop! Close-up ending. Multiple angles (PiP).

Toilet-slave Training! Scat, Piss, Spit And Analplug Torture! Shit, Piss And Snot, Swallow Slave! Part 3

Here you can see the third part, from a total of three parts, from the full movie: Here I was with another toilet slaves to visit. This wanted to be brought up by me, to all, swallowing toilet. For this I had designed something very special. I had, on the way to him, put an anal plug in my ass. Then he had to pull me out of my asshole and suck the fucking smeared plug, clean. Then I spat him, in his mouth, and then a great load of piss, pissed into his mouth. After he had swallowed everything, I turned around and shit him, a fat shit-sausage, into his mouth. He then had to eat them completely. So I love it, a well-functioning, all-swallowing, Living Loo! Who wants to be the next one, who is under my horny ass and receives my delights? The horny mouth-shit and piss-scenes, you see, again from 3 perspectives!

Morning Pee & Poo!!!

I just woke up and have to poo as usual. I get on the toilet and pee first then try to poo reverse cowgirl but only got to fart…anyway I get on the floor and let out a nasty one…