Isabelle Vomit Swallow

Ass Suffocation & Pee Through Pantyhose

In this clip I’m wearing a black leather corset, a pair of pink thongs and nude pantyhose. I put a latex mask on my slave’s head, with a circular red opening only at his mouth and I peed in his mouth, through my pantyhose and also on his pathetic cock and balls. I also soaked my feet in pantyhose with my golden nectar and stuffed my feet in his mouth, to taste the flavor of it. At the end, because he wasted the nectar on the floor, I ordered him to sip it from the floor while I pushed him with my feet on his head and kicked his ass

Failed Admission Test

Every now and then I test new slaves. Along with Miss Jane I stuff a slave’s mouth with our shit. First, the Loser swallows spoon after spoon, but when Miss Janes portion comes to it, however, he is overwhelmed and chokes. After also my pee runs out from his shit-mouth, the test of this idiot fails.

Scat Diarrhea Swallow Fabiana – Extreme Diarrhea

Very Good Movie With Pee, Scat, Hard Domination And Feet Domination With Feets Full Of Diarrhea. Fabiana was our slave until this time, but now she gets a chance to get revenge for the past, so she takes a little scared girl to makes a diarrhea river into her mouth. Fabiana use all her anger to punish her own slave with scat and with her feets. Check it now, whats happening when the roles are exchanged.