Italia Pooping

She Looked Into My Eyes When I..

She looked into my eyes when I.. Christine ordered me РLOOK INTO MY EYES. She wanted to see my gaze while I eat her shit! I don `t know why she said this, apparently she noticed that I shyly take my eyes to the side when I eat her shit and she didn’t like it! Her angelic voice ordered Рfaster, faster, and I enjoyed the sensations, I knew that now the holidays and her diet is very diverse. I was so excited that I forgot that I was eating shit, I completely plunged into her tastes! At the beginning of this video, Christina stands close in front of the camera and shows her body, I was at the back and looked at her back! Her young and elastic body and her hot pink nipples will impress your imagination! In the end, Christine once again used my mouth as a urinal, spat in my mouth and left, leaving me with the warmest feelings and a part of myself!

Successful Mind Control Experiment, Woman Strips And Urinates! – Part 2

While the sweetheart is urinating, the doctor is simply watching her! With every passing second, he becomes more aroused, consequently causing him to later sit her on a table with her legs spread wide open! Without further ado, he pinches and plays with her nipples while having her urinate! It is only when she could no longer release anymore that she is placed back inside the cubicle!

Toilet Man Abuse In The Kitchen Part 5

Here we dragged the Slave in the Kitchen and did not let him get up, until he ate 7 Portions of Poop. Part 5 English Subtitles