Italian Mom Dad Piss Surprise Forced Cry Scream

Ruka’s Bondage And Shit Fantasy!

Ruka felt limp as she lay on the pristine white sheets, covered in her own sticky poop. She had eaten a lot of peanut butter yesterday, and she was reaping the rewards today. Her nostrils filled with the acrid smell of her own innards, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her mouth quickly wrapped around her Master’s swollen dick, as she felt the slimy shit smeared all over her dry into a sticky mess. She felt pretty being slathered with poop, and she begged her Master to cum all over her pretty face.

The Whole Toilet Shit

I have such a diarrhea that day I’ve been to the bathroom four times but I still had to work full time. I have sat down so that you really only see that it falls in the toilet but that it shoots out my ass I would not have expected.

Blue Panty Poo

I had a request from a fan to send him a pair of my panties with a huge shit stain … so I took a video … I take a huge, wet shit in the toilet with a giant messy fart, then I pull up my panties and shove my hand up in the crack to be sure the panties are stinky and covered in shit! Anyone else have a special request?