Its Fun And Games Till Someone Starts Shitting

Outdoor Piss Torture By Male Group!

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The Human Toilet Eats Up My Disgusting Shit! – Full Movie

I had to go to the loo real bad; my shit is about to come out and I have to upload it real fast. When I got there, I was just in time; the human toilet was already waiting, his eager mouth open for my disgusting load. I sat above the hole and pushed out clumps of sticky smelly shit, which promptly fell down his mouth. I watch in glee as he chews enthusiatically on my feces. What a disgusting sight!

Turd Taco 720p

Mistress Rayven decides to make her shit slave a taco for lunch but not an ordinary taco; its made out of her foul turds. She drops some nice turds onto a tortilla and makes him lick her shitty ass clean before lunch.