Izzare Shit Eatin

Mistress Lilly – Shitting In Pink Panties

Mistress Lilly shitting again for another 3 movies. She use 2 pairs of seethrough panties, blue and pink ones. Because she love to fill them with her huge turds, she keep them on her and doing a nice shitting action for you.

Swallow My Spit,pee And Scat P2

The KV Mistresses enjoy it to see how the slave chew the shit from Lady Katharina. Lady Marie comes and stick the other pieces of shit back into his mouth. Suppenly the shit splash out of his mouth and all ladies go in cover. They laugh but the slave has to swallow regardless the rest of the turd and the ladies urge him to swallowing anything.

Big Turd On The Terrace

Wow, I just did a super poo on my terrace. you are invited to join!!