Izzy Queen Of Farts Pooping

Sweet Ass

Girl with a sweet ass does a short strip then with a great view of her ass she pushes out a nice shit from her ass.

Diarrhea Shower – Mp4

Do you like diarrhea? If so, this is the clip for you. Victim of abdominal pain and aware of your high level of perversion, I filmed my ass in the same time in which I poured a river of diarrhea in the bidet. What a pity you were not at my house to clean everything with your tongue and saliva!

The Bears Don’t Have On Bonnie (pun Intended!)

Bears apparently aren’t the only ones that do you know what in the woods after all!!! Enjoy as Bonnie enjoys a nice Smoke in park While sitting in what looks like a lawn chair – only that ‘lawn chair’ is a Porta Potty!! Watch as Bonnie unsuspectingly Drops the Biggest Log I have yet to see on this site – Had to be at least 12 Inches!

Urine Sample For The Doctor

My doctor wanted a urine sample from me and I’ll have to examine you while watching this as I am Abf├╝lle.Ich find my urine looks clear and smells delicious or what you say?