Janis French Peeboxers

Slave Punishment And Shit Feeding

I came to the bathroom to check the slave work He had to clean the bathroom, but he did it poorly. Dirt remained on the surface of the bathroom. For this, I punished the slave and made him eat my shit. He was excited! ? And ready, I have all kinds of naughty instructions for it! I want him to chew, eat, and swallow my shit–and more ? but he have to do it all exactly how I tell… but, I have a chellenge for him… he have to fulfill all my nasty, depraved commands without cumming! Until he eat everything, he not allowed to cum. I’ll torture him with delicious scat-filled pleasure until slave just can’t stand it ?

Deserve Breakfast From Mistress Janet!

My toilet slave was very hungry today. This is his breakfast! I cook and serve at the same time, because I real Mistress. I shitting right on the plate, in front of his nose . It is looking so delicious … and my shit smelling so wonderful. I will feed him with a spoon and he must eat all my shit. mmm … so delicious! He will also have to serve me as toilet paper. Lick my shitty asshole!

Close Up Pissing

Close up Pissing (JJ000790)

Public, In Front Of Spectators, Pissing In A Public Swimming Lake!

With the beautiful weather I was at a public swimming lake … because I’m a horny and always a wet dirty sow, have I naturally nude sunbathing there! I really hoped that by the fact many dicks come to me … but the men on the lake did not dare! Since I had to pee and there was no one who wanted to swallow my hot piss, I just publicly in front of the bathers and a few tensioner, pissing in the lake!