Jap Girl Shit Desperately

Ladies Give Their Victim Mouthfuls Of Piss! – Part 2

Eventually, the sweethearts have emptied their bladders and could not urinate anymore. However, it didn’t signify the end of the victim’s suffering since the two proceed to take turns sitting on his face and rubbing their crotches on his mouth! Not long after, both of them stripped off their panties and started feeding him with their pussies!

The Catwoman Shitting..

This russian supermodel poses as ‘Catwoman’ and does a shit the first time on camera…

Swallow All Of It! – Full Movie

Eager nerd wants to eat teacher’s shit! So she makes him come over to her pad after class and makes him strip. She spits on his mouth then places a funnel on it. She pees on the funnel and makes him drink her yellow pee! She decides to give him what he came for and unloads her shit on his face. She finishes it off by peeing on him.

Shit In Front Of Mirror

Well did you ever feel sweet to see me in this shit and get two views? Well then you are exactly right here.