Jap Toilet Shit Compilation

A Surprise From Madame Du B

Scat goddess Madame Du B decides to give her toilet slave a nice treat that she’s never given him before. After a big load of her chocolate and nectar she surprises him by using his tongue as her human toilet paper. What a treat for an obedient toilet. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed

Daddy I Have To Shit Now

I start with sucking some really awesome cock like only I can suck a cock! I really work the shaft and suck the balls and focus a lot on the head! Then I climb on reverse cowgirl and start riding! As I’m riding the cock I feel like I have to shit and then I start shitting as I am riding his cock. I don’t stop fucking while I am shitting. I finish shitting and then turn around and for the best dirty hand job with the load I just dropped blowing a huge load!

Billie Austin’s Big Box Store Destruction

Billie Austin is a rising BBW Porn Starlet for those that don?t know. You can check her on Plumper Pass for those that love BBW action like I do. For thost that love BBW ?Scat?Action, you can check her here!! Enjoy as she drops some funky, gassy chunks at her 9-5. These are three great Ploptastic clips ? even filled with a nice runny one in the final clip!! Enjoy her poots and water splashing Kerplunks as other women come in and out of the adjacent stalls next to her. More great action from this BBW starlet!!

Ms D’s Ass And Mo Ass

My Favorite Amazon is back!!! I can never get tired of her big ole booty and the sounds and things that come out of it!!! Ms D is one of my Franchise players and she continues to show why she is consitently a top 5 seller with specatcular Ass Blasts and logs like these!! She is quite prolific as these are unreleased clips from this past spring. Enjoy 5 great new farting, sharting, peeing and more clips! Nearly 18 minutes worth of explosive action!!