Japan Desperate Poo

Sexy Latina Girl Taste And Play With Scat 3

Part 3 – She put big dildoes and other things in ass, and on the end put extra big dildo in ass, and and get it out with scat.

Young Lady Alina Pooping On Toilet In The Morning 11

Young lady Alina pooping on toilet in the morning 11

Slaves Lesson With Miss Jane And Cherie

After a slave has been previously beaten hard by the Dangerous Girls (Video: The lesson under www.dangerous-girls.com), Miss Cheria already checked his usability as a full toilet. Now Miss Jane is on the way and will shit and piss in his mouth. On this one day, it is already his third encounter with his mistresses, until he was beaten, then used by Miss Cherie as a full toilet and now still Miss Jane is about to use him. But to his surprise, Miss Cherie is back again, she has to pee again and thus he now has to swallow the golden shower of two girls. Something nasty Miss Jane has planned for him, she shits a thick sausage on his burger and feeds him. Afterwards, his skull is again under Miss Jane, she was not finished with her toileting. The rest of her caviar, she shits directly into his mouth and advises him to swallow everything. In between, the girls amuse still with various painful games since rushing for a whip on him down, on the other hand Miss Jane is mercilessly with high heels on his skull and enjoys his pain.

Soupy Poopy At Work!

OK guys this one is going on the diarrhea hall of fame! I started drinking this tea and it’s making my poo all runny! One of my slaves wanted me to ship him some hard turds and I thought this would be it but what a disappointment! I even took the container for the turds with me to work but only nasty ass diarrhea came out…looked like soup in the bowl…oh well, he’ll have to wait a few days…but he knows it would be so worth it! 😉